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December 16th, 2011 at 05:47 pm

Well, like it or not it looks like we are going to be a losing a full time income. Permanently. BB has never really recovered from his back injury and is making plans to go on disability. The surgery worked as well as it can work, but the Dr failed to tell us that all the ďthings that could happen as a result of the surgeryĒ are likely to happen. When a Dr. tells you about paralysis and death, you know they are telling you things to cover themselves, and that makes all the other things seem like stretches as well.

But BB only does have a limited amount of mobilization, and he is in different stages of pain constantly. He can work for a few hours at a time. But not be doing the same thing for those few hrs. If he is on his feet for too long, his back hurts. If he sits for too long, his back hurts. If he jolts his back- he is out for the rest of the day.

And now his body is having a negative reaction to the pain pills. Something about eating through his stomach lining. He canít take more than half his dosage without having severe stomach pains. Last season he was using pain pills regularly and his bile ducts leaked and had to be removed. After the surgery the Dr said he thinks it was caused from the pain pills. Another fact that they warned as a possibility that we didnít think it was a probability. I was kind of disappointed that he was being prescribed the medicine knowing it will lead to a breakdown of his organs.

So BB is going in for another surgery next month. To try and ease the pain for him. But the Dr has already said heíll sign off on disability paperwork to help BBís case.

So from the little data we have gathered so far:

BB must not work for 6 months before he can file.

Because he is young, he will probably get rejected a few times before it is approved. We can expect it to take up to a year and a half before the benefits start.

This is a decision that means BB cannot work at all while on disability. There are some instances where he might be able to do side jobs if he earns less than X per year...but itís up to the judge to set the parameters.

Because BB is young, has not paid much into the system and hasnít earned huge salaries in the past, I think we can expect it to be less than $1000 a month.

BB will get Medicare after he starts getting disability.

If BB ever feels better enough to get a job, he can go off disability, but he will probably never be able to go back on.

And I think I heard that he will get no Social Security benefits when he is retirement age. Something about him getting his SS money now instead of later.

So thatís the newest. We have been dealing with this for a few weeks now, but I am finally starting to get a little familiar with the terms and get my head wrapped around all this.

Wow- I really cried when BB laid it all out for me. I was so selfish for one night and BB was great about letting me have my moment to grieve all the future plans that we would be giving up.

And the details are still really blurry, but I think this is our new reality. Iím slowing allowing it to sink in.

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  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    Not to beat you up at all, but *this* is one reason to get private disability insurance. A lesson for others. (& I understand maybe he wasn't eligible or it was cost prohibitive. I think my spouse should have disability insurance, but there is no policies unless you are *currently working,* which has always bothered me. Disability could be devastating for someone temporary out of work - whether it be one year or 10 years out of the workforce. Losing your future income potential is pretty devastating for anyone to handle).

    ((HUGS)) I am so sorry that you are going through all this.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm so sorry. That has to be frustrating for him to be in so much pain and to not be able to function. And's okay to cry about the lost dreams. However, I would highly suggest to keep looking for solutions, second, third, forth opinions, alternative ways to manage pain and so forth.

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    Thanks guys. I was a little ashamed at first because I know it's a drain on the system.
    And Disability Insurance! I wish someone had told us about that earlier (than right now). I have never heard of that. That would have been pretty great to have, though when he was first injured about 7 years ago- we would not have had the money then to take it out. But I do wish someone had suggested it and we could have kicked the idea around.

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    I wish his parents or doctors or reletives would have suggested it.

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:


  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    This is a reminder to me that I need to have DH get disability insurance while he's home this time. While I plan to eventually save enough to have six month's income in the bank, that is a long way off. Disibility is another way to hedge our bets if the one wage earner in this family is injured.

    Also, my BIL is trying to get on disability. He hasn't been able to work for a couple of years due to his back and his knee. He can barely walk. His unemployment runs out this month. He's been trying to get on disability for a year with full doctor's approval. It is a tough road as he is in his late 40's and even that they consider too young or something. Very frustrating for my sister who only works 24 hours a week and has her own physical limitations. Hope the process goes more smoothly for your husband.

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