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Destination wedding and asking renters to leave

July 16th, 2010 at 12:58 pm

Well it’s been a few weeks since I posted but I have been lurking. I am glad Frugal’s puppy is bringing her joy and minimal headaches- and the rest of you are making progress on van loans, mortgage payoffs and other savings goals.

I’m doing fine. I just went to the tropics with BB for a destination wedding. We spent too much money but it couldn’t be helped. The price for food is stunning! $14 for a burrito. $24 for a dinner entrée. OUCH!

But in other news I went ahead and gave my tenants of The Impulsive Purchase 3 months notice to vacate. We will be closing on our HELOC at the end of the month and we are anxious to start renovations. I contacted the section 8 social worker for one of the tenants to notify her of my intent to ask the tenant to leave and the social worker wrote back that the tenants daughter contacted her that very morning saying they want to vacate in 1.2 months because the mother is very ill and the accommodations no longer work for the family. So it works out for both parties- they are welcome to vacate when they want and we can start renovations as soon as they leave.

The upstairs tenants…we’ll see. I chickened out of face to face communication and handed a sealed envelope to the sister who brought it inside for the tenant. I was expecting a pretty immediate phone call but I have heard nothing so far. The family has lived there for 15 years so I am expecting a lot of anger and bitterness. (…maybe my letter was so well written that they are accepting the news willingly? Lol, probably not.)

That’s about it. The savings are on auto-pilot and the accounts are growing. Yippee!