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Great weekend

February 22nd, 2010 at 04:16 pm

Had a fabulous weekend. BB left last week for Spring Training and this was my first weekend alone. It was glorious! My time was truly all mine- I ate what I wanted, I slept and woke up when I felt like it, and I did whatever I wanted, when I wanted.

I bought a Camellia tree to plant in the front yard. For those that dont know- it blooms in the winter and has large beautiful flowers that almost look like Roses. They are in bloom all around Savannah and I wanted one of my own. Now I have it!

I went for a leisure walk with the dog Saturday in the georgous mid 60's weather. The walk was so enjoyable we went for another Sunday morning and another Sunday evening! I love walking downtown on Sundays hearing all the church bells ringing.

I went out with friends Friday night and we stayed out till 3:30 in the morning! It's been a long time since I have been out that late. It was nice not worrying about BB at home and knowing he was going to stay up to wait for me, or get me up early in the morning.

It was a beautiful weekend. I hope everyone else enjoyed theirs as well.

RIP Brinks

February 14th, 2010 at 12:52 am

He went pretty peacefully

For Sale in Savannah

January 25th, 2010 at 07:25 pm

So BB and I looked at a house yesterday. We didnt have any kind of formal thought process going on. It's just that in our walks around town we see "For Sale" and "Foreclosure" signs and out of curiosity we get online to see what the price is.

Well yesterday during our walk we found this house:

And on it is a big fat "Auction 2/6 -starting at $99,000" sign.

This house is 4100 sq ft.

So BB and I go home. BB's best friend who is a realtor stops by and we ask about the big yellow house.

Realtor says "Listen- forget that house- you need to see the Victorian I will be putting on the market in a few days. All original everything. Gamecock you would love it." Asking price is $200k.

Now I know everyone knows I LOVE our house we just bought a year ago. The issue is that our house is a duplex and we are guessing it would be over $50k to turn it into a SFH by adding an internal staircase, move the water heater, enlarge the kitchen downstaires and add a master bath upstaires as well as repair the upstaires plaster walls.

So we were thinking maybe it's smarter to use the $50k as a downpayment for a SFH that already has all that and rent both units of our current duplex. This would collect over $2k a month in rent (paying both mortgages) rather than lose the 1 rent and also start paying the mortgage ourself.

So we decided to see this "steal of a deal":

The house turned out to not be for us. It looks like it could be magnificent- but BB was quickly turned off by the fact that the siding is asbestos. In addition the roof is over 100 years old and NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. The current owner has done patch jobs so no leakage. In addition the owner has not kept up the place. The hardwood staircase and floors were painted (commonly done during some era not too long ago), the plaster is peeling everywhere, and the 2 balconies were enclosed into rooms...and done poorly. The upstaires flow was really bad with odd sized rooms and a horribly narrow and weird hallway.The realtor comes from a construction background and kept saying it was all no big deal but BB and I were sharing ESP thoughts that it was all a very big deal.

Last night we really talked and figured out what we wanted to do. After looking in the MLS we could not find a house that offered more than our current house. Every SFH house listed either had less to offer or was very expensive. We kind of came out of our thought process realizing that if we bought a SFH it would have to be bigger, more updated, on a larger plot of land, in a better part of town to make us move. That might be hard to find in a price for less than the cost of us converting our duplex into a SF.

We decided that I would look around this baseball season while BB is away but more than likely we will stick with our plan to convert our house into a SFH.

Update: So I thought that was our plan. BB just called to tell me we are going to see this house tonight:

messing around

July 21st, 2009 at 12:01 am

Experimenting with charts. This is from

BTW: Before everyone comes down on me about retirement...I am waiting to qualify for my company 401k next month before I can get a real grasp of my contributions.

Need help!

October 10th, 2008 at 04:42 pm

Ok, I posted on Craigslist saying I found a dog and he needs a new home. I was planning to take him to the shelter today when I just got a call from a young woman saying she is looking for a companion dog for her female dog.
The woman is driving almost an hour to get here and take this dog. However- I am worried because I have heard that dog fighting rings will pick up free dogs to use as 'bait' dogs in dog training. Now I am worried.

How can I scout this woman out to be sure this dog will be going to a safe home?

I was posting mainly to find the owner and posted almost nothing about this dogs tempermant or personality. This woman asked no questions about the dog just asked if he is still available and where do I live.