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Carpeting prices...ugh

May 27th, 2010 at 12:53 pm

I keep wandering away from this blog…start feeling uncomfortable about my finances (what is going on? How am I doing?)...and then come back and provide a vent that gets my head cleared up again. I guess it’s a new system I have in the works.

I was able to transfer the utilities with no problem. Relief. One thing I learned: the power company has an option called a “Landlord Agreement” where you pay one fee of $30.00 and you can then transfer the power back into your name whenever you want without paying a fee. So I got hit with a $30.00 fee this time but in the future that should be a helpful feature.

The boys are moving out this weekend. I talked with the boys who tentatively said they want to move in…and they DO want to move in. Relief there too. Their lease is up July 1st. They want to move in earlier but now I have a carpet conundrum.

This is about to get boring- you might want to go view another blog.

The carpet in the 2 bedrooms is gross. Definitely needs to be replaced. I have $3-400 put aside for new carpeting. I go to a local flooring store and get the basic renters carpet in a cream color and after they measured yesterday the price is $700.00!! For 40 yards.
$370.00 for carpet
$80.00 new pad
$160 installation
$60.00 remove old carpet
$31.50 tax

I know I can remove the carpet myself…at this price I will do that. And I know that maybe the pad underneath is still usable and I wont have to buy that. But it would still be $561.00 AND I would be doing a lot of heavy labor ripping out carpet!

I went to Home Depot and found the same type of carpet for cheaper. Their pricing is:
$250.00 for carpet
$78.00 padding
$97.00 Installation
$36.00 remove old carpet
$ tax
Total $461.00 plus tax

WAY CHEAPER!! Here’s the kicker…the Home Depot carpet COLOR is that UGLY shade of Brown. Really ugly and wont match any paint. PLUS Home Depot takes up to 3 weeks to install the carpeting. The first place will do it next week.

I am going to TRY to negotiate with the more expensive place today but I am awful at it. I already know I wont get anywhere. So it looks like Home Depot and ugly brown it is.

4 Responses to “Carpeting prices...ugh”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    We had to remove carpet from two rooms and it was easy-peasy. Did it by myself. I think with a utility knife I was able to slice and tear it into smaller sections that were not too awkward or heavy to carry rolled up. The only other tools needed were a claw hammer and a pliers (to pull straight up on stubborn nails. (If there is a chance you will ever refinish the wood floors make sure you don't break off nails in the wood, but get them all the way out.....Good idea to try negotiating with the local shop....Do you have Lowes as well? They told me they would beat Home Depot prices. I had never noticed that in their advertising.

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    Well that call lasted 3 seconds. I told you I am an awful negotiator! They did not come down 1 penny. Home Depot it is....yeah I do have a lowes nearby- I'm going to go over there on my lunch break and see what they can do.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Home depot does not usually do a very good job. We had a friend who used them and he had to have them come back 6 times. You should be able to find some carpet for about $12 a yard, installed.

  4. gamecock43 Says:

    Carpeting situation is resolved. And the verdict is LOWES. I took your advice and went there on my lunch break. I expressed my unhappiness with the poop brown carpet HD has and the guy brought me to the selection. He scanned the selection and said… “yes-our brown carpet is the cheapest too.” And I walked a few steps over and there was a pretty pretty crème color for .4 a ft less than the ugly brown!!!! Jackpot!

    I immediately said I wanted to book it.

    So I don’t know the price. Insane right?

    Lowes works off sq ft and everywhere else works off of yards. Which is convertible- but the guy told me that without knowing the measurements of each room its hard to determine how much carpet will be needed.

    My logic gets a little screwy here:
    I figured that HD & Lowes have comparable rates. The padding price was the same. The Installation fee was the same. The carpet removable was lower…so I figured Lowes ugly brown carpet cost the same as HD and since the pretty crème was .4 less than their ugly brown- then I am coming out the same as HD or slightly ahead.
    Anyways, someone is going to call me on Monday to set up a measuring appointment. I am glad it’s been decided.

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