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Still for rent- maybe

May 18th, 2010 at 03:30 pm

The upstairs unit is still for rent…I think. The very first guy who came to look at the unit liked it but told me he has a pitt bull mix dog. BB wants no dogs because of the heart pine floors (scratching), and the noise of a dog running around overhead would annoy downstairs tenants (currently me).

It seems like a hypocritical thing to say because we have 2-3 dogs at any given time. But it’s different when it’s OUR dog scratching up the floor. The scratches are worth it because we love our dog. We don’t want scratched up floors from some strange dog.
So I told the guy no. Then I show the apartment to 5-6 other groups and no lease is signed. So BB relents and yesterday the guy, his 2 roommates and their 2 dogs (not 1) come over to look at the unit. The dogs are not old as I was told. They are very much hyper and energetic. But friendly, and there was no barking during the time that I saw the dogs.

What can I say- they caught me a little tired and resigned. I said yes to both dogs with a $100.00 non refundable security deposit for each dog.

So the boys looked over the unit. The original guy loves it. His friend who owns the other dog likes it. The 3rd friend is not happy with the neighborhood. That’s been the mantra I have been hearing at each showing- that they are too nervous about the neighborhood. Hello- I live by myself in this neighborhood and I weigh 100lbs! Why are grown men scared? Not to mention that we had students living in the unit for 2 years…they are still alive to graduate school. Isn’t that proof enough? Plus there are 2 dogs living there!

Anyways, the original guy told me that he really likes it and might even just go into the apartment with the other dog owner and leave the 3rd roommate to find another place. The 3rd roommate has options because he does not have a dog…and I think the 3rd roommate makes the most money of the group. So he has options that the other two do not.

So I told the guy that I am not listing the apartment right now- I’m going to hold off until the improvements have been made. This gives him some time to "work on" the 3rd roommate. He was asking questions about the lease and deposits…all questions no one else has ever asked me. So I feel pretty good about him. If I don’t hear from him by tomorrow- I will call him.

If all goes as planned…I will be collecting $10 extra a month than I get now…but the $200 in non refundable dog deposits is an extra $16.00 a month over 12 months- meaning I am really getting an extra $26.00 a month. And that number makes me happy. Smile

So we’ll see how it goes.

3 Responses to “Still for rent- maybe”

  1. ambitioussaver Says:

    I wouldn't be so worried about the dog in regards to scratching but the dog in terms of liability if it bites someone. The scratching can happen from furniture and all sorts of stuff. I would just put a clause in the contract stating that there will be regular inspections & the tenant is responsible for keeping up the floors in their received condition. In fact, from our rental... it wasn't the dog that caused damage to the floors. It was the tenants computer chair rolling around without any mat in place.

  2. Ima saver Says:

    I am a dog lover and both times I built a new home here in Georgia, no one would rent to me because I have a poodle. My poodle, who weighs 6 pounds, spends all day sleeping on my couch. I wound up having to live in a travel trailer for a whole year, while my husband built the house. As long as the dogs are not puppies (chewing), they should be fine.

  3. whitestripe Says:

    our two jack russels are outside dogs (jed is 10kg, Banjo is 6kg), but they scratch the floors when i walk them through the house to go from the back yard to the front yard. i think it's simply because they're so excited to be inside that they start jumping and running around. it's quite funny - but all the same, like you, it's only ok because they're our dogs Smile

    that being said, we've scratched our floor more from things being slid on the floor (mostly guests, actually... ) than our dogs have.
    you can get a floor sander to 'buff' the floor instead of doing a full sand, when they move out, which might be all it needs to get out the light scratches. also there are various products you can get make the scratches less noticeable - especially when they are just light scratches that a dog makes. when they're really deep, it's a different story, but for an animal running around, it would only be the top layer of seal that you'd be worrying about. Big Grin

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