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Baby Names...trend over?

April 17th, 2010 at 11:04 pm

It seems that during the last few years, "Trendy" baby names have been taking over the earth. I am not a mama...but saw "hot" names such as Jordan, Chase, Hayley, Kaylie, Aidan, Ava, and Addison and Madison become as commonplace as the name "Jennifer" or "Christina" was to my generation.

Then in the last few months I have heard of 5 babies being born (thank you Facebook)..and 3 of the 5 were named Elizabeth!! 2 were named Sarah Elizabeth. Traditional spelling and everything. None of that Elyzibyth stuff.

Are traditional names making a comeback? I cant be sure because the other 2 babies were named Lana and Tanza.

The pregnant people in my life are going through a baby girl boom as well. 2 years ago everyone was having a boy. Now its all girls.

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  1. MonkeyMama Says:

    "Traditional" names will always be common.

    Just reminded me though, dh and I could barely agree on the 2 boys names we did agree on. Oy vey! We ended up with very "traditional" names. Which I did not want at all. I didn't want my kids to have 10 kids in their class with the same name. BUT, I let it go when I realized that traditional names from the 70s/80s just aren't so common today. Don't get me wrong - I wouldn't be surprised if both my kids have a Top 10 name. The younger child's name has been better - it is more traditional - but takes on many forms. Most kids go by the shorter versions. So, phew. My older son, I know he has a top 10 name for the year he was born, but never met a kid with the same name. So, just lucky there. It's somewhat regional - Californians are really into "unique" names. Which makes our kids more unique, for having more traditional names.

    But yeah - names go through cycles.

  2. ceejay74 Says:

    I frequented a pregnancy message board, and I got really sick of all the Kaydence/Kaylee/Kayleah/Kayden/Kylee names. (That was girls; boys were mostly Hayden/Jayden/Caden/Braden...) But I'd never thought they were particularly attractive even before I found out how common they were.

    Of my family, I have an old-fashioned name but it's not too unusual, though not in anyone's top 100 list. NT has a really common name, especially for England. AS has a very unique name; there are people with the name but you don't come across them too often. It sounds a bit like it could be one of those names the mom made up (and in fact her mom claims to have) but the name actually appears in an Ibsen play, so it does exist.

    For our daughter, we went for an old-fashioned name that's pretty common in Europe but not here. I wanted the name to be somewhat unique but not to the point of sounding silly and made-up. With my luck it'll be in the top 100 by next year, since I'm trying so hard to avoid trendy names!

  3. PauletteGoddard Says:

    My husband has a surname for a first name, my son has a VERY common/popular English boy's name (not Simon or Clive or Nigel, though). I almost went the trendy route with the surname as first name, but decided on classic -- it was more fun to have people guess after whom I named my baby, and ticklishly awesome when people confronted me with "You named your kid after -----------, didn't you?"

    However, I am finding, especially in reports of someone murdering his family members, a trend of "Bad Scrabble rack names." It's heart-breaking enough to read of a seven month old baby's obituary, never mind that his parents named him "Jihad."

  4. Petunia Says:

    I love older names. . . Daisy has an "old lady name" in real life, and people are always remarking on it. But we have met two girls with her name, so it's not completely gone. There will always be trendy names. Daisy's name was very trendy. . .in 1910.

  5. dtjunkie Says:

    ceejay, you just gave a shoutout to my DD. Smile
    and I am actually very surprised, because although the pronunciation of it is very common, the spelling of it (we chose from a baby name book) is not common at all.

    BTW, both my little raggamuffins were named at the hospital, always after the lady that comes for all the info tells us we have an hour before she comes back.

    For me, it was so hard to name them until I saw them.

  6. whitestripe Says:

    I was named after a famous singer, and have only heard of a couple of other people with the same name as me.

  7. mrs Says:

    I'll share my two cents here. I have quite a few children and all have Irish names. I'll say "real" Irish names rather than those you think of: Caitlin, Kelly, Erin, Sean, Patrick, etc. Think along the lines of: Conal, Seamus, Mairead, Sinead, Shiobhan, Rhiannon, etc. Are those names unusal? You bet. And I have a very common last name, so it works out well for us.

  8. MonkeyMama Says:

    Oh yeah - my FIL has the name of a celebrity (one that his about his age - not like he was named after him or anything). Always makes for interesting stories.

  9. ambitioussaver Says:

    Traditional names will typically be more common. Even my kids' names.... which don't appear traditional... actually are traditional Hawaiian names and my son's name is from the German spelling of his name. Spelled them the traditional name and everything, but because they are cultural and not the typical "American" names - people think they are "different"

    If my kids were living in Hawaii, no one would think anything of their names. Well, maybe my son's.

  10. nmboone Says:

    It always kind of aggravates me when people name their baby something trendy. My best friend's kid's names are Kaitlyn, Riley (boy), and Kayla which are all on the top 100 names. I hope I don't offend any of you by that, lol! Now a girl from work is naming her baby Haylee or Hayley, not sure of the spelling. Teachers probably are always saying, "Uh, not another Kaylee/Haylee/Aiden."

  11. dmontngrey Says:

    My name is rather unusual most of the time. Or it was until a couple now well known people came onto the scenes with it! Before that you just didn't hear it in mainstream at all. Hardly anyone spells it the way I do, and that I like! It's neither trendy nor traditional.

  12. all4money Says:

    Both of my girls have unique names. One was named after a cartoon character and another was named after DH's favorite rock singer's daughter's name. I couldn't imagine having kids with "normal" traditional names and wouldn't want it any other way. Although DH and I knew from the get-go that we didn't want traditional names, we also made it a point not to name them something totally off the wall to where kids would tease them or whatnot. It does amaze me sometimes how parents can torture their children by naming them something completely bizarre.

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