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Appliances, Savings & Concerts

April 16th, 2010 at 01:14 pm

Had a great time last night. The Savannah Music Festival has been hosting bands around the city for the last few weeks but also charging for admission. Last night they hosted a band to play in the “Central Park” of the city and allowed people to spread out blankets, bring food and drinks and listen to the music for free. There were about 3-400 people who came last night. It was a treat. On the financial front- I didn’t spend any money at all even though I spent several hours with friends drinking and eating. Love it when you can bring your own!

I think our refrigerator is on its way out. It sporadically starts making loud noises and then randomly will return back to the normal level of noise that fridges make. 2 friends of mine work in an appliance store so I asked them if they could beat the $300 Lowes deal I found for the upstairs rental unit a few months ago. They couldn’t, but explained that if I tip the fridge onto its back and use a leaf blower to clean the coils underneath- that might fix it. Apparently underneath is where the fridge “breathes” and pet hair/dust/bugs clog it up. The appliance store makes a fortune accepting “non working” fridges and cleaning the coils only to have the fridge last another lifetime and reselling it as a used item. So- tip- clean the coils before you toss a fridge. My friend said to wait an hour or so before plugging it back in once it is rightside up again…this gives the freon time to drain back down into the fridge. I am not so sure I have the strength to go around tipping over fridges and lying them on their back…but we’ll see.BB & I each put $100 a month towards “1st house Expenses” so we have money for a new fridge if we need it.

The kids upstairs are vacating the upstairs rental at the end of May, so I wanted to use the savings to lay down new carpeting and repair plaster, maybe some painting before I rent it out again. I was planning to use just about all the savings for those items…but guess I might need to squeeze out a fridge too!

And in other news…one of my New Years goal was to save up $13,840 towards an eventual renovation of the CA property…whenever the tenant decides to leave that condo…and I am only $1300 short of the goal! I am just gonna keep going at my current savings pace and see how far I can get.

3 Responses to “Appliances, Savings & Concerts ”

  1. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    Could you get a friend to come over and help you with the fridge? D
    trying it by yourself sounds like a recipe for injury.

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    Yeah- I likely will enlist some help.

  3. MonkeyMama Says:

    Our fridge had the same problem around year 6. OF course, ours is way simpler to clean. Vacuum attachment under fridge. A lint brush or pipe cleaner to dig a little deeper (loosen dust and vacuum some more). I don't see any coils under the fridge - they may be in the back.

    Anyway, it's been 2 years since our fridge "stopped working" and we learned this from a service repair guy. So, last night the fridge stopped working. We looked underneath and it was just filled with dust - so that's what we were doing late last night. I should be glad we don't have to tip ours over to clean it. It is probably a good idea to pull it out and vaccum around the coils too, though. I swear my dh told me we had to clean behind (2 years ago), but last night he said "underneath," so I thought of you.

    We will start cleaning it out every year, to avoid disaster (food spoilage). I Was relieved that was it, for last night! & just wanted to point out that in some fridges, it isn't very complicated.

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