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February numbers are a bit big

March 2nd, 2009 at 05:20 am

New month- New habit forming time. No more blogging 3x in one month. Must. Blog. Regularly.

I did my monthly spending calculations for Feb and we fell off the wagon big time.

Income $3589
CA Rent $1150
Ebay $134
Baseball school $430
GA Rent prorated $1875
Store Rebates $239

Bills Total: $1679.00
HOA $500
Groceries $149
Gas $140
Electricity $0
Health Ins $0
Water $0
Internet/phone $100
Pest $650
Car Ins $76
Security alarm $64
Total $1679.00

Moving company Total: $1680.00

Home Improvement Total: $9497.00
Home depot/Lowes $1442
Home decor $1267
Wood Floors $938 (312 sq ft)
Plantation Shutters $1800 (8 windows)
Contractor labor $4050 (1 window, floors, pocket doors, spackling)

Fun Total: $850.00
dining out $217
Fast food $151
Video games & movies $57
Hair $41
Gym $30
Shipping $21
Fax $19
Gun $230
Clothes $84

We finished off the month spending $13,706.00. We incomeded $3589.00= $10,117.00 in DEBT.

Lucky for us we had the money in savings because we did not have to put down as large a down payment as we had been expecting, and our unit of the house is DONE! We took care of all the big projects for our unit (except the kitchen). So although we spent so much now, we can get back on the savings train and work on building the savings back up.

3 Responses to “February numbers are a bit big”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Yep 10k is a BIG overspend in one month


    over 90% of that overspend was on Home Improvements right ?

    Considering you recently bought a home, that is perfectly foreseeable and appropriate... you will be enjoying the results of the money spent for years to come !!

    Now if you had bought a Mustang, a trip to Vegas or a OMG outfit with 10k... that would be a different story...

    Don't beat yourself up... home improvement is a worthwhile cause AND you did it all from savings.... no new debt.

    Well done [ :-) ]

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Like Apprentice said, the majority of your spending was on home improvements which were necessary to make your new home livable + you had the money, so all in all, a good thing. Smile

  3. whitestripe Says:

    yeah, i think you guys did good too. its funny though how overspending on fast food pales in comparison when you are spending big on renovation and home improvements. i guess that will be what you will focus on now that everything is fixed up? can't wait to be reading your regular updates again too. i have missed them.

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