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ebay foolery

November 12th, 2008 at 12:59 pm

I got nothing big to report so I will blog about a small stroke of luck or the trickery I used to double my ebay earnings today. Not sure which way to interpret the events.

Weeks ago I listed a barbie doll MINT in original box for $10...item did not sell. I was not surprised, this barbie was not selling for $5 in most auctions. (I don't know why I listed the doll for $10 in the face of knowing it would not sell)

I relisted the item again for $10 on the off chance that the Christmas season might draw out a bidder.

Well after 6 days of no bidders or watchers I finally got a bidder 1 day before auction ends.

That night the bidder emails me telling me it is her daughter who placed the bid who did not know the mother already purchased the same doll for a Christmas gift. I tell the woman that if she wins the auction I will file a "mutual retraction" so she does not need to pay for the item. I was too lazy to look up how to cancel a bid and decided to just wait for the auction to end and cancel the transaction then.

Well lo and behold- 10 minutes before the auction ends a person bids on the doll. The bids were unsuccessful because the little girl who hijacked the account bid up to $20.00. So this second bidder bid the barbie all the way up to $21.00!!

So that is my story of how I managed to double my ebay earnings by being lazy...or I used trickery to manipulate someone out there in ebayland into paying double the worth of the item.

I am not sure if it is my lucky day or I should feel guilty.

4 Responses to “ebay foolery”

  1. CouponAddict Says:

    Do not feel guilty. Yeah technically bidder number 2 could have gotten it for $10 but they may have been out bid by others who would have bid more than $10 but $20 was to much.

    I always stop at my max bid, and usually wait until the last minute to bid unless it is buy it now so all is fair in love and EBAY!!

  2. Koppur Says:

    I think you just got lucky!

  3. lizajane Says:

    Glad it worked out for you in the end, but I've read so many stories about "my spouse/kid/dog bid by mistake" usually means they found it for cheaper somewhere else, and I would't really have believed her. I wouldn't feel bad about bidder #2. If they were willing to pay $21, they should be happy about the purchase because they got what they wanted at a price they were comfortable with.

  4. MileHighGirl Says:

    There is so much swooping in and bidding up at the last moment that happens on ebay, you should be happy. I think there are people that do only that all day, and then turn around and resell.

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