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update to last nights worried post

October 23rd, 2008 at 01:45 pm

Ok I'm throwing it out there. I know you guys who are telling me to stay in the market are right. You guys have been there/done that. But when BA asked me to picture what the market would look like in late December...ok. I admit it. In my head I picture big trouble.

I worry because I don't think the market has really done bad enough yet. Everybody is freaking out and complaining and the news is going crazy...but c'mon- do we really think this is it? That the worst has passed?

This cant be it! We have had financial giants tumble, and all anyone feels is a range from basically unaffected to short term uncomfortable. We are not even in an official recession yet!

And the other countries are only starting to become affected with the economy problems. What will happen when the whole world is at its lowest point?

All I am thinking is (and this stuff is pretty crazy-you guys might laugh); The big American/ European holidays are coming up..and anybody who wants to bring down America might see this financial situation as a good way to do it...

Plus we might have a controversial president coming into office and who knows how many crazies with guns will get stupid ideas in their heads...

And then I think- this cant be it. THIS is IT? Unemployment goes up a few points? People lose their house value for four or five years? The stock market teeters up and down up and down for a while?

Everything financial related is uncomfortable but not unlivable?

We have everyone freaking out on the news, in the streets, in the political box...there has got to be more bad coming.

So selfishly I wonder...why do I need to be in the market when the bad comes? Why cant I get out and then get back in during the upswing? What are the benefits to staying in all the way down then up? If I stay in the market and my shares go down to $1 a share...I CAN handle that-I know that when I need the money the stock market will be all functional again. But in the event there is more bad coming-a lot more- is there a chance my money will go to zero and it will be gone?

4 Responses to “update to last nights worried post”

  1. paulettegoddard Says:

    You don't know when the upswing will come. You don't know how large it will be, you don't know if your deposits and withdrawals will enjoy great timing. If you have dividend-reaping securities and are well diversified, you don't have much to fear. Recognize this as bad money being flushed out of the market.

    I'm reading fear in some of your statements: is fear there?

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    yup. lots of fear.

  3. swimgirl Says:

    You can do what you want, of course. Get out if you think it's going to get worse and you can time when to get back in the market. Go for it.

    Along those lines, and "handling your own IRA" from yesterday's post... the market is volatile and unpredictable. Some people make lots of money on nothing more than a hunch (similar to yours), but people lose lots of money, too. It sounds like you are comfortable with a lot more risk than many of us. Professionals spend lots of time learning about patterns and indicators...those mutual fund managers are not beginners. That's not to say that you (or I) might not see or feel or think that something else might happen. But, the pros spend their days trying to figure out how to make money. They could sell now, and get back in when the prices drop...but they don't know for sure that they'll drop and they are not willing to take that risk.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Well, I think once you have the proper asset allocation in place for your risk tolerance and age horizon, there's not a whole lot more needs to worry about the stock market. I guess if it really does bother you that much, you could always just pull out completely. I don't recommend that, but it's your life and your money, so it has to be whatever helps you sleep at night.

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