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Should I? Shouldnt I? I need your help here...

July 12th, 2008 at 04:25 pm

I have been told by a few people that I should write a book on the "real" minor leagues. Not the groupie, cheating, drinking drama, but the "real" stuff that the players go through. Like the draft, the promotions, tensions between the wives, steroids. Ext.

Although I have toyed with it, I never went through with it because 1. I donít think I have the discipline to write nearly 200 pages about anything. And 2. Baseball is such a political field where itís actually a bunch of sensitive pansies that run it. Baseball executives are very high and mighty and are willing to blackball anyone that insults them. Even if you are really just producing a mirror to show them what they have been doing all along. I would never risk getting baseball boy into any kind of trouble. On field actions such as stats and percentages are rarely the reason for promotions or releases. And itís this kind of information that I explain to all incoming wives but have been told I should explain on a broader scale. Even baseball boy told me I have way too much knowledge about the industry, it's a shame I canít find some outlet to capitalize on it.

So last night I was talking to yet another incoming baseball wife about some aspect of the minor leagues and it was brought up again. She said I am basically echoing her thoughts, at the same time I am providing huge chunks of information that was missing for her.

I began to think that maybe I should write a book. Or not a book. But maybe a blog. And get paid for it. I have never blogged before this savings advice one, but you guys seem to like me, so maybe others will like me too? Maybe thatís what I can do to bring in money while I live on the road?

Last night I did a pretty exhaustive search to see what was out there. Aside from one or two well written- ok. Just one-blog, the rest are all pretty catty and immature. It seems that the internet is inundated with websites designed to make scathing remarks towards "groupies", and the "groupies" have likewise posted some pretty serious websites designed to tell the world how "fat and ugly" the wives are. LOL. I think people will appreciate my sticking to real topics.

However, my concern is for Baseball boy. I would be reporting on some not-so-pretty topics regarding the baseball system, as well as lighter topics. I am not very computer savvy. So is there a way to keep really savvy computer people from uncovering my identity? And how would I go about getting paid for it? I just start it up, find my own readers (that should be easy, I think members of these silly baseball websites would be relieved to see someone talking about real issues) and then look for advertisers once I have a solid list of followers?

Confession- Just to see if I could do it, I kind of already started it on a Google website called blogger. I like it! So should I keep doing it? Should I be careful of anything? Should I get a whole new email address to keep the site under or does that not matter?

9 Responses to “Should I? Shouldnt I? I need your help here...”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    I have no idea about how secure your identity is if someone really wants to find out. I would definitely check with Baseball Boy & see how he feels about it though. The worst situation would be for him to find out some other way.

    It does sound interesting though, and you've definitely got an insight into the industry that is unique. Good luck!

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    Yeah, that makes me nervous. Baseball execs are a very jumpy bunch and they have alot of money invested in the "image" that has been cultivated surrounding baseball.

  3. momcents Says:

    I should think that you have nothing to lose and if you have interesting things to tell, I'd try. If you have the time to be in one area for a quarter or a semester, I would look into a local community college's writing group. You can get inspiration and feedback and you have to write something weekly to share. You would be (1) forced to write, (2) get feedback, (3) expand your writing horizons. You'd learn if you really like to write and have the desire to do so. You might want to give your background a cover-up - say your writing about a different sport than you are. Good luck to you!

  4. anonymous Says:

    A few things to think about: Do you see it as a gossip blog? Would others see it that way? Who would you want to have read it? How often would you have something to write about? Could total innocents be hurt by what you would like to say? Would you be specific, or would you be vague enough to make people suspicious of others? If you were found out, could you handle it?

  5. gamecock43 Says:

    Hmmm...really good questions. I wouldnt want it to be a gossip blog. more of an interactive educational blog. I would assume that families involved in the minors would like reading it. And I have a whole library of stuff to post now...I have 6 good yrs worth of memories- and I dont want anyone hurt by this. hmmm...I need to figure out the rest.

  6. eos Says:

    Good question about making money writing on the internet. I have a degree in journalism and enjoy writing. Despite all of the success stories we hear about from people who have a site with advertisers, the people getting paid on the web aren't the norm and it's not usually a long-term thing. I encourage you to continue to write and express yourself and to try new subjects and to follow through with your idea related to baseball. Just go into it with the attitude that you want to explore it for your own interests and to write about it. If it leads to something, then great; but if it doesn't, you have at least gained alot of experience.

  7. CountingPennies Says:

    Well, I make my living writing full-time, so I know it can be done. Earning a living through blogging, however, is another story. Not so sure it can be done, unless you're thinking long term. With a blog, just do your best to optimize it for search engines and then put some Google ads around. Eventually, when traffic is REALLY good, you can start thinking about advertisers.

  8. debtfreeme Says:

    Would you be endangering his chances of getting a coaching job in the future?

  9. ihate2work Says:

    If you really want to write about it, do it now but don't publish it until after your bb boy is out of the game completely. Even if you try to hide your identity, there are ways people will always find out. If you read as many baseball books, you will find most biographical ones are written after retirement.

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