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May 30th, 2009 at 05:50 pm

I have decided to stop thinking about the whole job situation. The university sent me a personality quiz to fill out, they want me to interview with the dean of the program...this is all a little bigger and more important than I was expecting. I might not even get this job.

BB is in the midst of a trade. His TX team from last year traded him right before the season started and forced him to swallow a $400 a month pay cut (it was accept the trade or be released) and we were bitter. Very bitter. But now his original TX team just traded back for him, and he will be driving to the TX team tomorrow. He talked to the manager of the TX team and explained that he cannot play for such a low salary and the new manager said "Don't worry, I'll take care of you." That's enough for BB to trust that he will be restored to his original contract amount, but I don't trust it. The new/original team does not need to provide the original contract amount, they are only required to match his current contract. BB wont see his new contract until he is in TX and then he will sign it. So they will have him in a tough spot to try and negotiate.

BUT, I refuse to worry. I'm just not going to. It's BB's last season- he's not there to make money, he's there to play. Back home, we are getting the bills paid.

I just feel like BB gets used and taken advantage. That's what upsets me about the contracts and salaries. He's worth more but always accepts low salaries because he is a bad negotiator and deep down he is afraid that he wont get to play if he does not take whats on the table.

The other night BB was throwing himself a pity party and tried to use the old line on me "This is my last year playing because YOU Gamecock are making me retire." I told him that if that's how he wants to view it then fine. But the reality is that he is in a financial mess because he is almost 30 and has no retirement, no savings, and only $100 in his account at any given time. It's not that he spends- it's that he makes enough from his season to live and save maybe $1000 for the off season. That $1000 goes quick. If he wants to retire someday, if he wants a house to live in, if he wants to eat food- it's time for him to accept responsibility for achieving it. I guess I am ranting. But I feel like, though he doesn't COST much- it's still several hundred dollars a month to pay for his half of the bills and provide him $ for gas and what not. He shouldn't expect people around him to just pay for his bills because they love him and he's a nice guy. And it's not that I support him often, just since we moved in Feb because there was not enough time for him to find work before the season started- usually he works during the off season making just enough $ to cover his half of the bills. But I guess it's the whole leaving me the burden of an emergency fund, and savings, and retirement that I am tired of. I'm just at a stopping point. Mentally I am just-done.

If he wants to believe I am making him quit and get a job- then he can say that. But in reality- life is making him quit. As we get older, life costs more. And every year that he puts off contributing to retirement or savings is a year he needs to catch up on when he does begin. And I am tired of trying to save enough for the both of us.

Wow- I guess that was quite a rant. Really- I emotionally swing back and forth regarding this whole baseball thing. I know he does too. I guess today I am in the mood to be tired of baseball.

Anyways, that's whats going on here.

3 Responses to “BB news”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    sometimes DF gets a bit like that (I can't spend money on my cars because whitestripe won't let me, I can't go on a holiday with friends because I'm not allowed, i can't buy this or that because you won't let me) I just say to him 'look, do what you want ok? but you know i am not the only one that has given you advice to stop spending money on crap - it's your uncle, your mum, our loan manager, the real estate agent (yes!), your grandparents... etc etc. you know deep down you don't need to buy a pie every morning/some weird figurine/another dirt bike and you know deep down that money would be better off in our emergency fund or mortgage. and i know that you know you would rather use it for our future kids/renovations/mortgage'
    and then he is usually like 'yeah, i am being silly'.

    Big Grin

  2. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Emmmm.. I know it's probably not a reflection of his true character, and we can all be childish at times, but I think it's pretty unfair/cruel for him to throw "you're making me stop doing what I love" card at you....
    That's just intended to make you feel guilty....

    Kinda unnecessary and far from the truth I'd say.

    You're just concerned about your joint financial future. As he should be - your married to each other ! If he was earning a million a year from baseball, then this financial issue wouldn't arise. But he isn't....

    To me... if he was single, then he could play baseball til the cows come home.... however because he's now in a financial partnership I think he needs to take care of business (money-wise) - whether that is giving baseball lessons to kids, coaching for money, part-time job etc so that he meets his half of the partnerships financial obligations... He will then be free to do as he pleases.

    Maybe if you both can agree he needs to contribute X amount per month to the budget... and when he does, then he's free to do with his time what he pleases.... really this shouldn't be a shock to a grown man...

    I know he's probably a really cool guy - I'm not having a go !

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    No worries Bliss hunter- I feel the same way. If he was single, he would have had to stop playing a few years ago, I keep enabling him by keeping our lifestyle comfortable. But he swings back and forth, he said that, I didn't have much of a reaction, and he later said he knew that wasn't true. He's just going through all the crap of growing up and taking stock of where his life is at.

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