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Earning money while I sleep-

September 21st, 2008 at 10:51 pm

Holy cow I just made $70!

Its 2am...I was peacefully asleep when one of our good friends called to say he just broke up with his girlfriend and was on the road driving 2 hrs to spend a few days with us (he was visiting his girlfriend who lives 9 hrs from him- we were the closest people he knows.)

I was thrilled to see him...but needed to do some cleaning to get the house presentable and his room ready for him. Anyways, he calls back after the vacuming, dusting and mopping is near completion to say the girl is crying...maybe he overreacted-he's turning around to work it out.

Since I am awake- I check my eBay listings. One trinket (the limoge I was asking about earlier) has been quietly making it's way up to $26 over the last several days- tonight suddenly the figurine is at $100!

I have NO CLUE why this item skyrocketed. I searched completed listings and all limoges have sold for $40-$80. 1 limoge sold for $200...but my item doesnt even have original box..and I stated the top is slightly scratched!

I keep re-reading my listing wondering if I accidently said it is made of 14 carot gold or something...

But I'll take it. I was expecting bidding to stop around $40- so this is a nice surprise. I have another limoge listed and sitting at $20...maybe tomorrow night that item will earn me good money too!

3 Responses to “Earning money while I sleep-”

  1. sillyoleme Says:

    Haha, I would take your good fortune and don't ask too many questions! As long as you were truthful in your description, you're safe. Good luck with the other stuff!

  2. Personal Finance Student Says:

    I love it when that happens! Congratulations!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:


    It does sound like very good fortune! Just to be a bit on the paranoid side . . but be careful of how you accept payment for this item. I'd hate for you to get scammed.

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