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odds & ends

December 20th, 2008 at 04:35 am

Lets see whats been on my mind...
1. BB's 24yr old sister has a full time job, lives at home and likes to spend. After repeatedly telling her we are having a minimal Christmas this year because we had the wedding last month and bought a house this month- I come to find out she spent $100 on BB & I. *Sigh* so back to her favorite restaurant we go to increase her gift certificate. Next year- I am sitting her down for a discussion- no more saying things and hoping she understands.

2.BB's dad has been stressing us out telling us to hold on the closing of the home till Obama takes office because he might increase the first time buyers credit. I would have been fine if he told us to do that before negotiations started- once we started the seller made it clear he wants to close ASAP and I was agreeable to that. Now BB's dad has told us we should extend out the closing- and I thought I could- but it turned into a hassle and I didn't really get anywhere- and BB's dad keeps voicing his "concern" for "how much money we might lose out on." So BB finally told him to back off because "Gamecock was in a time sensitive situation where she had to make a snap decision, and that's what she decided so that's what we are going to live with."- he really thought he was defending me by saying that too. I just let it go. Didn't even point out how he is telling dad to back off because I made an unfixable mistake. He is proud that he backed me up and "defended me", so whatev.

2. Still pondering how to move 2400 sq ft of items and furniture into 1100 sq ft. Problem is I have all my stuff from childhood- figurines, some stuffed animals, blankets...my bed. And I have my parents things...a million photo albums from their childhood- their years books, my dads old war toys- stuff thats boxed up but hard to store in a no storage house (old houses- they have no closets!). But its ok. If the 2nd bedroom is storage for a while then it's storage for a while.

3. Scrapbooked my wedding into an album for BB's mom for Christmas. Scrapbooking is deceptively expensive; $12 for an album, then $20 for stickers/paper/trimming/stuff...plus I needed a new paper cutter (another $12). And forget that it took me 2 straight days, like, 12 hours to make it! But I love to do it anyways.

4. I messed up on ebay- sent the wrong barbie to the wrong buyer, and their barbie went to the other barbies home. So I will be refunding quite a lot of money and am praying they both do the right thing and send the barbies to the right home. One barbie cost about $50 more than the other- so I know one person wants to do the right thing so they an get their expensive barbie! Anyways, I think I stress about this situation more than they do. Neither buyer has contacted me in a few days, or answered my questions- they were supposed to ship out the dolls to the rightful owner a few days ago and I have heard nothing about it. Oh well. It's out of my hands. I have not refunded any money yet- I told them they will get a refund when I get a Delivery confirmation number so I know the item is on its way to the rightful owner. Whatev there too.
That's it- now I'm off to read all your blogs!

8 Responses to “odds & ends”

  1. Petunia Says:

    You're keeping busy, that's for sure. If it were me I wouldn't increase BB sister's gift certificate. . . but that's just me. I've turned in to a Christmas Scrooge.

  2. fern Says:

    Yeah, you already told her, so if she wants to spend more on you, that's her decision. I wouldn't feel obligated to match what she spends

  3. monkeymama Says:

    Don't sweat the tax "what ifs." In the business, we don't hold out hope for anything or plan on anything lasting very long. Wink I personally think it's kind of crazy to put off buying a house because their *might* be a bigger tax credit.

    & frankly, if there is, it could be retroactive anyway. Who knows. Don't worry about that one!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I agree with the others. You told her that you were cutting back this year. You decided on a budget for gifts that you and BB felt comfortable with. If you go back on what you said this year, what is to make her believe you for next year?

    I've received nice birthday and Christmas gifts from people, but I don't feel as though I'm obligated to reciprocate a gift that is a similar value. I will give a gift that is within my budget, and that is appropriate for the person. If they don't understand, or they feel offended that I didn't 'match' their level, then really it's their problem. Gift giving should come from the heart, not the wallet. (In my not so humble opinion.)

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    My opinion...don't change your gift certificate amount. Don't worry about the tax credit issue. And just so you know, I did the mix up of items once too! What is funny is they each decided to keep the one they had received. No additional shipping on anyone's part!! Amazing.

  6. Koppur Says:

    Honestly, I don't think you should up the GC for your sister-in-law. You guys told her that it was a tight year. If she chose to overspend, fine, but you shouldn't be forced to match her dollar for dollar.

  7. baselle Says:

    I wouldn't sweat the tax what-ifs either. Even if Obama decided to increase the tax break first thing during the inauguration, it takes awhile to get the bill thru Congress. You aren't going to able to stall for long enough.

    I think BB defended you okay. Not perfect, but okay. Remember, he's a newbie at it; you both are a couple and are deciding together (it means that he's 1/2 on the hook with the decision); and he's defending you to the only other person he trusts with $, Smile; so the fact that he did it two months after the wedding, its a +1 for him. Just gently teach him the nuances of what he said and how to improve and he'll be fine.

  8. lizajane Says:

    I agree with all the other posts about not upping the Gift Card. Now, I suppose if you spent $10 and she spent $100 I could see where you might feel like it needs to be more "equal", but I doubt that's the case. I've noticed that a lot of people that like to spend are really not as money-conscious as some of us that watch our spending closely. She may just have really liked whatever she got for you and decided it was the "right" choice.

    Also agree with baselle about BB. Sticking up for you against his dad that (if I remember correctly) likes to think you two don't know what you're doing when it comes to buying a house IS a pretty positive thing. He may not even realize that you are taking it any other way.

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